Bucket lists lift your spirits, create an exciting future, and keep you on the path of your dreams.

My Bucket List...

  1. ✔️ Skydive

  2. ✔️ Obtain a passport

  3. ✔️ Adopt a cuddly pet

  4. ✔️ Travel to Canada

  5. ✔️ Be my own hairdresser

  6. ✔️ Grow basil

  7. ✔️ Travel to Jamaica

  8. ✔️ Become a Reiki master

  9. ✔️ Get a flying mount in World of Warcraft

  10. ✔️ Build an indoor tree house

  11. See the Northern Lights

  12. Learn a second language

  13. Read in poetry slams

  14. ✔️ Stand under a waterfall

  15. Travel to California, and Europe

  16. Go to the Amazon Jungle and Redwood Forest

  17. Eat a banana from a tree

  18. Visit the Earth’s chakra points

  19. Sew my own clothes

  20. Can my own veggies

  21. Enter poetry contests

  22. Make peanut butter cookies from scratch

  23. Learn about edible wild plants

  24. Grow my own fruits and veggies

  25. Publish my collection of poetry

  26. ✔️ Ride a horse

  27. ✔️ 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  28. Take a pottery class

  29. Scuba dive

  30. ✔️ Go to a Fleetwood Mac concert

  31. Practice rock climbing

  32. Cliff dive

  33. Learn to do a cartwheel

  34. Go on a hot air balloon ride

  35. See a moose in the wild

Just after my first time skydiving, 2015

Rescue cat, Gremlin

Rescue cat, Gremlin

Ziplining in Jamaica, 2016

Travels in 2016:

          Rockford, Illinois
          Windsor, Ontario, Canada
          Priory, Jamaica
          Denver, Colorado
          Las Vegas, Nevada
          Hoover Dam in Willow Beach, Arizona
          Put-In-Bay, Ohio
          Pymatuning, Pennsylvania
          Denver again
          Standing Rock, North Dakota.

Travels in 2017:

          Ft. Myers and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
          Buffalo and Salamanca, New York
          Detroit, Michigan
          Rothbury, Michigan
          cross-country to Phoenix, Arizona
          Nashville, Tennessee
          Sandusky, Ohio
          Garrettsville, Ohio (x2)




Big dreams are often made of tiny steps.  

What can you make a reality?