Traveling may be the single most terrifying thing I have ever done, yet nothing has ever made me feel so alive.

Growing up, we took road trips down south every summer. I still remember giggling as my dad sang "On the Road Again" while we pulled away from every rest stop, back on our way to see family or palm trees.

Now as an anxious adult, every time I book a flight or pack up the car, I want to run back into the house and hide in my bed where life feels safe and cozy.

But as the weeks go by at home, the exploration of endless cultures and corners of our planet inevitably pecks at me, the only relief coming from escaping my comfort zone yet again. 

I have traveled so much more than I ever imagined, and I still feel like I have the entire world ahead of me.

Here's to going where we think we can't go, jumping from heights we never thought we could reach, and meeting those not-so-scary strangers that will undoubtedly change our lives.