Defeating the Lows

People experience depression in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons, but there's something most will have in common: 

many will feel like they have to go it alone. 

I think the most crucial first step to overcoming depression is to want it, to believe that you deserve to find happiness and are worthy of a full life with rewarding relationships.

But happiness isn't dropped off on our doorstep for nothing after a day of binging on Netflix; happiness is earned, achieved once we are willing to put one foot in front of the other to accomplish our goals.

Feeling productive and fulfilling a purpose are inherent joy-machines for humans, meaning the more we work toward our big ideas, the better we feel about ourselves and the paths we are walking. Our purpose may be difficult to find or even to face, but if we hide pieces of ourselves, we are asking our loved ones, our communities, and our future generations to live without our unique ideas and talents. 

Once you know you are worthy of finding your way out of the abyss, never let yourself forget it: read blog posts, join support groups, get coffee with a trusted friend, do whatever you can to feel supported in your journey. 

We don't have to be masters of motivation, we just have to believe and to tryand be willing to witness the changes that arise in our worthy lives.


Defeating the Lows