Navigating Anxiety

Leaving the house feels like climbing a mountain...

Being around strangers ignites a ticking time bomb of embarrassment.
Making the tiniest decisions throws me into a panic.
Swarming thoughts of dread, anger, and loss set up camp in my mind. 
I am such a control freak that I push others away at the smallest hint of disorder.

No matter how much we try to ignore it, who we are will always try to leak its way out. 

More and more, I find that my anxiety comes from dwelling in an unfit environment, and engaging in endless, unimportant tasks.

Experiencing a full, balanced life begins with changing our routine thoughts and habits. We can't just say we want to change, we have to make a firm decision in the inevitable moments that will challenge us. The good news is it gets easier every day.

The more we learn to be honest about what we need, the more we can let go of, and the more room we have for the stuff that matters.

If you are living with anxiety that affects your daily life, know that you are never alone. 

Navigating Anxiety