"Yes, I Am a Hippie"

When we heard about the hippies, the barely more than boys and girls who decided to try something different... we laughed at them. We condemned them, our children, for seeking a different future. We hated them for their flowers, for their love, and for their unmistakable rejection of every hideous, mistaken compromise that we had made throughout our hollow, money-bitten, frightened, adult lives.
— June Jordan

Yes, I am a hippie.


Yes, I have dreadlocks (no, they're not smelly)
Yes, I wash myself, even my hair (no, not every day)
Yes, I mostly eat whole foods (my body feels much better)
No, I'm not a vegetarian, yet (but yes, my body likes it when I am)
Yes, I am changing my life (I want to live naturally)
Yes, I want to grow my own food (no, it will not have poison in it)
Yes, I only buy clothes from thrift stores (and soon I will sew my own clothes)
Yes, I like the Beatles (but yes, I also like Ke$ha)
Yes, I refuse as much plastic as I can (because yes, it's destroying our Earth and our bodies)

Yes, I am a wild child (I used to feel like an outcast)
Yes, I now feel valuable and unique
Yes, I believe in and love myself (no, this is not conceited, this is how we learn to forgive others)
No, I am not diminished by change (because yes, I can admit this is where we grow)
No, I am not religious (but yes, I am spiritual)
Yes, I am open-minded, and that means my mind is ever-changing (no, this does not make me weak)
Yes, I believe this is how we find our purest strength

No, I do not align with the corporate world (yes, I want to be free to be myself)
Yes, I am a part of a newer generation (no, I don't want to live for money and bills)
No, I do not put value in my appearance (yes, our actions are more important)
No, I am not lazy or worthless (but yes, I know life is not about working or propriety)
No, I don't care for materialism (humans were not born with money shooting out of their bums)
Yes, money makes people closed-minded (yes, I seek more compassion)
Yes, I want to live (no, not merely survive)

Yes, I honor who I am naturally (no, I don't care if I'm judged for it)
Yes, I practice yoga (no, it is not just stretching)
No, it is not some trend (yes, it is an ancient way of life)
Yes, I meditate (no, it is not hokey)
Yes, there I find the clarity that brings peace

Yes, I am a work in progress
Yes, I believe in beautiful breakdowns (this is how we grow fully)
No, I don't believe in violence (murdering our brothers will not save us)
Yes, I am a tree hugger (no, I don't think it should have a bad rap)
Yes, it hurts to see living beings destroyed (I wish we would stop to notice the consequences of our greed)
Yes, I see the beauty in our planet (but yes, I also see the toxic ways we're destroying it)

Yes, I have a mindset that can effect change (so no, I do not want to hide my extremes)
Yes, I want to change the world (because yes, I have the courage to know anyone can).

Yes, I am a hippie, but what does that mean?
I’m not stuck in set ways, and I’m not afraid to dream
I live my life fully, I want harmony for our Earth
I can see passed judgments, I can see all of your worth
I adore every creature, I want all to feel free
I’m not a label or trend, I’m what I’m meant to be
I will be a windmill so that the others may see.

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.
— Chinese proverb