WISA Launches a Career on Steemit's Blogging Haven

WISA Launches a Career on Steemit's Blogging Haven

Since 2014, Write in Shining Armour has grown from a poetry feed, to an anxiety pep talk, and finally an inspirational travel blog. With WISA's mission evolving, it's time to expand its outreach for a deeper purpose.

I first heard about Steemit through an impressive traveler named Stephanie, that "budget bucket list girl." This brave wanderer hitchhikes her way from town to town, mountain to desert, throwing her backpack and cheap tent down for a few dozen pesos a night or less.

I became hooked on the profound stories that flourish from her dinners with strangers, solo cultural tours, and hikes with wicked hangovers. After scoping out the Steemit community that allows her to keep blogging and traveling the world, I knew I'd found a new home for my writing.

I recommend checking out my new Introduction Post on Steemit HERE, a short and sweet rundown of the kind of material I'm going to be bringing to all of my readers.

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So what does this mean for WISA's site?

For now it means that you can find my content on both platforms, on Steemit and right here, but with a couple of differences:

On WISA, you'll find...

  1. enhanced visual customization,
  2. links to wicked stuff I've bought on Amazon (that gives me a tiny reward in return for you liking Amazon, too)
  3. and a way to continue receiving my content without changing anything.

On Steemit, however, you'll have the ability to upvote my posts for free, supporting my writing and helping me deliver improved content from greater destinations.

Like stapling that first dollar bill on the tavern wall, help WISA get started by checking out my Steemit Introduction today for a chance to upvote my first big entry. You can also browse around to see my other posts, and give them a thumbs up for good feedback too.


If you haven't already, be sure to subscribe to WISA's newsletter for primary access to new posts on Steemit and writeinshiningarmour.com.