"When I Thought I Had Nothing Left"

When I Thought I Had Nothing Left

I always think it's interesting to have a glimpse at the person I used to be, and poetry can be the rawest form of ourselves we have.  

I wrote this poem a few years ago, and recently dug it back up again. Meeting someone special when you are determined to wallow in your past can be a real jolt to the heart, and my heart definitely had a hiccup this day.  

The eager boy sat down by the tree

Asked if I often spoke of the weather

I waved my fingertips up to the sky

Asked if he had some dreams I could sever

The clouds morphed into things to be done

Places I knew I should be

He caught that my eyes seemed too far away

Engulfed in much more than he could see

He pulled a twig off a bowing branch

As I glanced over and held his gaze

His eyes burned a hole through all of my fears

Trying to tell me I could still be saved

A sharp crack split through the ache I had felt

Each moment since he came to sit down

I tried to pretend I had no idea

His impact was becoming so profound

But as the moments went on and his eyes still lingered

Tearing through my every short breath

I stood up knowing that if I walked away now

I would feel like I had nothing left.