What's Been Up With the Moon, and Why It's Been Making Us All Mad

What's Been Up With the Moon, and Why It's Been Making Us All Mad

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's noticed: people have been a bit batty lately. Friends, family, neighbors, the cats, everyone seems to be colliding with dramatic emotions and drastic miscommunications.


Each one has their reasons, but I started wondering what on earth could be jabbing at everyone at once.

Turns out the reason doesn't seem to be on earth at all! We're not all suddenly crazy; or rather we are, but for cosmically predictable reasons. Let's see why this stuff's so cool, and right on point...

This past Saturday, August 29, 2015, we experienced the full moon in Pisces opposing the sun in Virgo, whose traits will both therefore influence this month's particular kind of crazy.

It was also a Super Moon, meaning the moon was actually closer to Earth than usual, and came into alignment with both the Earth and the Sun.

The full moon is such an intense time that for several days leading up to it we can witness a bombardment of challenging circumstances aligning with the ego needs of the current sun sign and emotional needs of the moon sign. This month we see energies focused on Virgo's tendency to overdo it and to lose sight of details, while showing mystical Pisces' urge to simply let go and be guided by the divine flow of energy.

The period of time following the peak of the full moon as its light begins to wane represents a phase of release. For those with open minds, exploring that long-denied need for change or the much-needed physical, mental, or spiritual detox are ideal intentions for this month. Grander choices for our life paths and awareness of where we need to purge old energies can be seen in dreams, visions, signs, and other insights. We can discover the messages that have been hiding from our egos, as long as we avoid the urge to escape our most difficult realities.

As the last sign of the zodiac cycle, Pisces symbolizes certain energies coming to a close, and prepares us to move on from these subtle truths. Resisting this flow can cause resistance in our lives as these cleansing forces beg to be dealt with. This moon's advice to us all is to harvest compassion in order to move forward from a unified, spiritual perspective.

If we can surrender to the changing tides, a renewal of healing vibes await us, but beware of sensitivities bubbling to the surface as we open up to these higher vibrations.

A couple of cents about all that goodness...

Regardless of your particular beliefs, we all know that holding onto stale, obsolete energy only drags us down, never allowing us to feel free. But, while I know that Pisces' energy wants me to let go and relax, my lack of faith in a divine influence crushes me to a screeching halt. If I only believe in the laws of nature and myself, then there will be no almighty hope waiting around for my lost, sentient soul as my body begins deteriorating.

However, regardless of faith, I've spoken about the terrors of change before. I urge us all to remember that change can be brilliantly intoxicating, as plaguing heartaches can only dissipate once we truly deal with what we've been carrying. While this is one of the most challenging circumstances to sit through bravely, it ultimately liberates us, and all parties involved, to live our lives on a truer path.

Letting go of the fragments we no longer need can seem impossible, but ultimately we don't have any other choice. We either keep struggling to see our happiness paths clearly, tormented as each day feels more exhausting and burdensome, or we embrace the pain with the pleasures, allowing ourselves to feel and flow through it all.

So while we witness the determination of Virgo and the fluidity of Pisces crash in waves only the moon could have created, remember that we are all connected. One embraced change can bring freedom to many heavy souls. One broken chain can inspire others to seek out their own freedoms.

Let us thank the moon for her craziness, and let us use her power for compassion, healing, and peace.


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