"The Weight of Your World"

The Weight of Your World

all of my poems feel far too EMPTY
but the weight, it keeps getting heavy
dump it off, a day or two
but then it all comes flooding back with you
it must be all in line
with the universe and it's strangeness of time
but i keep wondering
when is it my turn to feel
L  I  G  H  T
peaceful moments undisturbed by fright
fear of losing you takes hold
and promises always kept continue to mold
my every movement
every wrinkle of a knuckle
every sigh and belly chuckle
i think of you, and all that i do
that changes you, influences your moods
puts us both in such horrible blues
constantly needing to be up to the task
for as long as it lasts
please tell me this will soon pass
i still feel the burden that captured my soul
when i tried to make you happy, but lost all control
and now my thoughts and behaviors
seem like demons, not saviors
to the darkness that surrounds you
that i know you can break through!
your white light is blinding
your growing heart astounding
i picture you a baby bird
no faith left in the outside world
but beyond your nest and comfort spots
lies the endless happiness you've lost
i'll hold your hand, give you a shove
but the leap of faith, strength, beauty,
that's up to you love.
never forget the LOVE in my heart
the part that's belonged to you from the start
but know that i believe in your mighty strength
the boulders your heart can move  i n  i t ' s  o w n  w a y
picture me next to you,
smiling and cheering you on
in this crazy spinning journey we've found ourselves on
enjoy every moment, deep breath, hearty day
sometimes a duet and sometimes gone astray
no matter the tale, my soul is always with yours