"The Dream in Everything"

The Dream in Everything

I write poetry for you
to meditate with my heart wide open
to let emotions release through my fingertips
wisdom I never knew unfolding.
You taught me to love from the inside out
unconditionally care about humans so real, so
full of raw and ugly truth
that reliving the glorified days of naive faith
feels like a nightmare from which I've narrowly escaped
through this concrete forest filled with secret levels of hell.
You've screamed for me from unknown heights
while I climbed up from the muddy depths of depression and
anger, feeling like I'd been ripped apart and
forced into a cage.
You've shown me the rays of sun beyond those overcast days.
Times I didn't even know I needed to be saved
enslaved by a system I thought everyone followed
I swallowed the lies that a
nine-to-five-picket-white-meatloaf-dinner life,
an American pie slice,
was the only dream this world has ever seen.
But each living cell in each growing plant
in every outstretched blade of grass
in every field, jungle, or forest floor
rolling hills into mountains, all you can imagine and more
has infinite importance and beautiful life
holding a piece of my being from the rays of sunlight.
Every speck of stardust perfectly formed
our conscious emotions,
telling stories with heartbeats.
And when I feel my heart raging in my chest
I know my connection to your wisdom
to all that it's taught me, that truly I am
and the dream is within me.