So I Booked This One-Way Ticket West...

So I Booked This One-Way Ticket West...

Always excited in Denver

When I tell people I have a one-way ticket to my favorite place outside of CLE, breath-taking (sometimes literally, damn elevation) Denver, Colorado, I love to watch their reactions as they assume I'm packing my bags for good.

You move to the Gulf of Mexico one time and people think you're a flight risk ;)

This reaction irked me at first, because I didn't understand what the big deal was, and truthfully it's still hard to wrap my mind around sometimes. I worked hard to thrive in a flexible job that allowed me to write and travel, and that was always the dream folks. 

It's simple: I don't know when I want to come home, and I don't have to know. I'll stay with friends while I'm welcome, and then consult AirBNB, Couchsurfing, or another easy-breezy Frontier flight after that. 

Sure, I could have picked a return date, but literally nothing felt right until I decided that NO DATE was the best return plan of all. I listened to those stressful, muddy feelings that arose as I thought about a solid plan home, and then to my BFF when she so thoughtfully knew that I would never be satisfied until I made BIGGER plans.

But ya know, I like baby steps, so my big plan is no plan, and I think it's a pretty damn good one at that, judging by the instant heart-flutters of excitement that overtook the blues as soon as I hit Purchase on a $37, yes $37 one-way flight. (Credit to research skills and Frontier's calendar view for that one.)

Plus, last time I was among the Rocky Mountain beauts, I spent a good penny to skip my flight home and extend my stay a few days. Despite what might work for others, I have to remember that I am not a seeker of perfect reactions, but a Seeker of life, and I believe calculated risks are a necessary part of my journey.

So I head out in no-time before mid-October, with no plans for my birthday, my Halloween costume, or the rest of my life...and it's about freaking time.