Weighing That Career Switch? The Rewards and Losses Waiting For You

Weighing That Career Switch? The Rewards and Losses Waiting For You

Life is just the "same old, same old."Wake up, drive to work, drive home, clean up, crash, wake up, drive to work, drive home, clean up, crash...

But then it's the weekend! Yay! See, life isn't so bad, right? Two full days where you can actually enjoy yourself without the impending dread of-

Oh wait, it's Monday again.

Only feeling happy, grateful, and alive two days out of every seven is not acceptable. This is not selfish or naive, this is being ambitious enough to think outside of the limits set by others, and brave enough to live the life you find there.

We watch ourselves moving through the motions of a "normal life," thinking that we should be grateful for any kind of living that can buy the food, clothes, and cable television we need.

If you think this lifestyle is your only option, you're wrong. You have a choice that many will never even consider.

After working a cornucopia of customer service jobs, moving into the financial field, and finding my way to insurance work, I was convinced "dream careers" were only for Disney movies and sitcom characters. Don't obligations, energy, money, and time get in the way of people shooting for the stars in real life?

You may think these things stand firmly in your way, and it's true they are realistic hurdles that shouldn't be ignored; but a hurdle is just a hurdle. We're not talking you against the Great Wall of China folks, we're talking bumps in the road to take a deep breath and jump over with all your cleverness and courage.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. ― Lao Tzu

Once you've cleared these bumps, you will have torn down walls you once considered absolute, and your possibilities begin to soar from there.

These amazing turnarounds will show you the rewards, and the losses, you will be grateful for…

1. How You Start Your Day Changes Everything. Nothing good comes from waking up and realizing you're about to dread your whole day, and every day until Friday, and for the next few decades besides. You're irritable and sluggish, because starting from the bottom of the well every single day takes so much out of us. But imagine waking up knowing you can make your day exactly what you want it to be. That moment when you first open your eyes in the morning could be a fresh start for a meaningful day ahead. This improves your mood, feeds your motivation, and brings a smile to your face; not too shabby for those waking up next to you either. Cranky mornings lead to frustrating days for you and your loved ones, but waking up with a proud outlook on the life you are creating for yourself sets you up for success. Lose the workday blues, reward yourself with joyful mornings, and better days.

2. We Blame Society, But We Are Society. When we spend 40+ hours per week unsatisfied with our employment, we are going to be miserable, but the worst part is that we are affecting more than just ourselves. Not only are you unhappy with what you do all day, so are many of those around you, and then you are shoved in a cubicle with those other negative people and POOF!The vicious cycle you're creating for yourself spreads to others, infecting what little good spirit they conjured with their own morning alarm. Then they go home and spread this misery to their families, their children, their significant others. What's worse is that if you work with clients or customers, this gloom becomes the giant Eeyore cloud over everyone, and they bring that home to their families, and so on.Lose the negative attitude, reward yourself, your family, and your community with beautiful goals and positive energy.

3. The Beating Stress Takes on Your Health. So many people have asked me how I lost weight, how my hair looks so shiny, how my skin is so smooth, and how I am always (okay, not always) so positive. The answer to each is the same, and it's not lack of food but lack of stress. Anxiety not only affects our mental health, but our physical abilities as well. Perseverance through the tough times is crucial, but if every day seems like one tough-ass time after another, this stress will eventually move in and take over everything. When something in your life no longer serves you, sticking around anyway is a breeding ground for your suffering. Dumping a job that has become toxic dumps the stress of the job along with it, giving you gifts like a better night's sleep, a clearer mind, a stronger immune system, a speedy metabolism, and more. Lose the stress of forcing yourself to go somewhere you hate, reward your mind and your body with the healing powers of a fulfilling daily life.

4. Cut Your Costs, Not Your Time. When you have yourself convinced that you need to work more because you need to spend more because you need more stuff,your workday will never end. Choosing "stuff" over a fulfilling life will never make you as happy as you have the potential to be. Read that again. STUFF WILL NEVER MAKE YOU AS HAPPY AS YOU COULD BE. Of course we all need to secure food, shelter, and Netflix for ourselves ;-) , but how much do you really need? How many unused rooms and overpriced cups of coffee would it take to make your heart feel full? Taking a pay cut by changing your hours, or your whole career, sounds scary because we were raised in a society based on consumerism. But imagine giving up that new scarf for two more hours at home with your children. Imagine giving up those new boots for a whole day spent with your significant other. Imagine the fulfilling experiences you're missing out on, thinking that more work and more money are the answers. Lose the unsatisfying urge to buy and give yourself the most rewarding gift you can instead: TIME.

5. Mistakes Do Not Exist. The first step is always the hardest because we are afraid of the unknown and unexpected; but take that one leap that could change everything, and suddenly the anxiety becomes the thrill. The more you are willing to take risks and aim for big or uncertain goals, the more you will realize the value of every choice you make. Opportunities will throw themselves at you and reveal successes you never would have known you were capable of. You may not always land on your feet either, but failing is never actually defeat. Gaining experience means gaining wisdom and strength, making you more prepared for future setbacks that could have otherwise hindered you. To wake up and realize you made it through everything yesterday threw at you means you can stop being afraid to fall, encouraging you to keep pushing and thriving. After every "hardest thing you've ever had to do" could be another "best thing that ever happened to you" waiting.Lose the regret that comes from resenting mistakes, and reward yourself with every possibility you've been missing.

Man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it is dark. ― Zen Proverb

Your sorrows and stressors are not cemented onto your heart. You chose them, you continue to choose them, and you can also choose to be rid of them.

Don't simply survive life by going to work when you can experience life by retreating to your purpose-place.