"Live Your Beliefs and You Can Turn The World Around" (HDR)

"Live Your Beliefs and You Can Turn The World Around" (HDR)

Hello friends! So here's the deal, wonderful and exciting news:

1. My professional life is climbing. Working hard for success at both of my jobs passions is really paying off. I'm writing more than ever and loving it, confirming my chosen path and keeping me so grateful for sticking to my dreams.

2. My personal life is evolving. I'm discovering more about myself all the time, strengthening my meditative practices with whatever my heart grabs onto. I can feel a force approaching, something monumental tingling my senses and frightening my ego. I don't know where this force will take me, but the thrill I feel rising up promises somewhere new, challenging, and breathtaking.

For now, this means I want to change some things up here at the blog.

I'll be posting when it feels awesome, not just sticking to Mondays, striving for a more organic site that evolves with me. This may mean a decrease in posts for a bit while I take the time I need to rest my mind, listen more while preaching less, and gain the broader perspective I finally feel ready for. But, this means the posts I do write will be authentically for you and for me, and not for any deadline. The hope though is to get back to writing more often, because I'll have so many more remarkable things to talk about.

During this transition and always, I need to thank you all for your support, and for listening to my garble enough to prove I've got some gifts to share and a lot of self-worth to discover. I'm endlessly grateful for the courage I've gained from spilling my guts and hearing you all relate in return.

A blog is nothing without readers, and a writer is nothing if not discovering herself and her world. I can't wait to see you all here very, very soon :D

So much love to you all, Niki

Namaste ♡

(car art in my photo credited to Paradise Point in Scottsville, KY ♡)