Go Get Yourself a Coffee Date

Go Get Yourself a Coffee Date

When you feel like you're in the ruttiest anxious wintry existential crisis ever, go get yourself a coffee date.

Two hours of nonstop conversation with a friend I've barely spoken with in person. No cell phones, no Netflix, no video games, no booze. Just two girls, two lattes, and a couple of hours devoted to a deeper connection and broader perspective. 

We talked about Standing Rock, meditation, astrology, politics, modern science, one tangent after another, with more thoughts waiting to be finally spoken aloud than we knew what to do with.

And now it all seems so obvious...

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

It's too easy to sit around the house, thinking, wallowing, making things worse. When social anxiety tries to take over, being surrounded by a crammed room full of noisy strangers and crooked cafe tables while filling two hours of social interaction can sound terrifying. 

But it's not. It's often exactly what is needed to stretch your mind and your legs and to get the creativity flowing again. 

It's an easy way to practice being social within your control, to get out of the house, to be "with the three-dimensional people," (Friends' quote, thanks Phoebe).

It's the perfect way to hopefully catch some natural Vitamin-D, and casually find yourself supporting your community.

It's like meditating: social edition. When we sit with ourselves and let our minds rest and process, we gain clarity from all the buzzing ideas and stressors in our minds. Letting go of distractions to sit with a friend doubled the experiences and perspectives, giving me new ideas to explore, and the motivation to be excited about it all again.

Shout-out to my soulful friend Sarah for loving, in-person quality time! 

Comment below if you're in need of a coffee buddy, or have an awesome local recommendation!

And stay tuned for both Cleveland and Denver cafe reviews, long-time in the making :)


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