Incredible Experiences and Glorious Mistakes of my 20s

Yoga on the Rockies

Yoga on the Rockies

Incredible Experiences and Glorious Mistakes of my 20s

When you're feeling nice and stuck in a mucky rut, it's time to trick that anxiety and remember we have a choice to give it a good optimistic kick back!

When the Eeyore clouds start rolling in, I immediately turn to an all-time favorite distraction, whether my whiny butt feels like it or not. Without giving myself time to find excuses, I pull out a quick and meditative activity to clear my mind and remind me that I can choose moments of peace rather than endlessly dwelling on sorrows. It takes just one time refusing to give in to anxious thoughts to realize how possible it is in every moment to practice letting go.

I had an unusually happy day yesterday, leading me to reflect on the fullest moments and relish in gratitude for them. I was thrilled to be mindful of my spontaneous and challenging adventures, the kind you never see coming but that make you feel undeniably alive.

I realized I made a pretty sweet day for myself! Most important is the making for myself part as I recalled mustering the courage to push myself into every experience. I triumphed in moments that would have been lost entirely without my willingness to overcome my anxiety.

The most rewarding distraction I can think of is literally counting your blessings, so I've created a list of my favorite experiences of my twenties so far, the ones that made me feel alive. This kind of rejuvenating reflection dumps a bucket of ice water on our sleeping ambitions, reminding us that our futures contain as many endless possibilities as we are determined to fill them with. Realizing the exciting moments of my past propels me into making even better moments for my days to come.

Graduated with a Bachelor's in English
Graduated with a Bachelor's in English

Creating this list has shown me all of the wicked scenes I've been through and the rad accomplishments I've achieved. I can look back on my twenties so far truly in awe of the person I've become.

With my dedication to a more peaceful yet adventurous life, I've proudly pushed myself into these unforgettable highs and lows of my twenties...

Explored the highest elevation and the 2nd-lowest elevation in the country, the Rockies and New Orleans

Bartended for a summer for cash quick

Frequented comedy shows downtown

Obtained a Bachelor's degree in English

Went snowboarding at Sugarloaf Ski Resort in Maine

Went tailgating A.K.A. dance-partying in the Muni lot

Experimented in college (smoking cigarettes, piercing my nose, and consuming grotesque vodka)

Got a hug from the Naked Cowboy of Manhattan
Got a hug from the Naked Cowboy of Manhattan

Traveled solo to over half of a dozen states

Spent summer nights with neighbors listening to country music

Made money writing

Stayed in upper Manhattan twice

Saved a pedestrian who was hit by a car in a blizzard

Went to Disney World

Worked at a coffee shop through college

Attended the infamous Ohio University Halloween Party

Attended a wine fundraiser at the Galleria downtown

Made a lot of fantastic mistakes and actually thought they were great ideas (like online dating and getting tattooed by friends)

Told my family I was seeing a girl from said online dating


Photographer and provider of "something borrowed" shoes for my friend's wedding

Trespassed at night to explore The Ridges in Athens, Ohio, one of the most haunted places in the country

Cleveland Pride

Cleveland Pride

Rode every roller coaster front car arms up at Cedar Point

Crashed a sailor's tournament on Put-in-Bay Island

Discovered a lifestyle of yoga and meditation

Ladies camping weekend on Kelley's Island

Helped raise a girl in grade school 

Lived on the Gulf of Mexico

Took advantage of every offered motorcycle ride

Watched my best friends settle down and have babies

Cooked Thanksgiving turkey for a dozen Air Force Lieutenants

Went to an 80's dance party

Decided on a cosmetic surgery

Stayed at Hocking Hills cabins several times

Dreaded my hair

Gremlin's 2nd birthday

Received an assist in yoga from a yoga master

Triumphed in many otherwise all-male poker games

Bought the SUV I always wanted

Frequented a pool hall, and took advantage of their old jukebox

Attended and hosted dinner parties with friends

Entered and won poetry contests

Assisted the director of an upcoming sci-fi radio show

Traveled with my sister to visit out-of-state relatives

Bottled my own beer

Went out to breakfast countless times at local dive diners

Rescued my cat Gremlin, then saved her life with surgery

Embraced my nerdiness and my hippie side :)

After making this list, I realized I am way cooler than I give myself credit for ;)

What experiences are on your list of awesome adventures?? Maybe it's time for a brand new exciting path to begin...