Dear Yogi

Dear Yogi

Dear yogi, It's always so good to see you.  I hope it feels good to be seen.

We are together so often at the studio, we all become family. The atmosphere is warm and comfortable. The people are joyous and radiating beautiful life. You are such an integral part of this harmony. We are so lucky to have you.

Outside of the studio though, things may be different. Maybe you leave your mat, your sanctuary, and you find your attitude begins to fall; your mood becomes weighted and the warmth you felt dissipates.

You've been so generous to offer your friendship, your kindness, your vibrant energy to the studio and other yogis. I look forward to the beaming smile you share without fail, but it's true you may move reluctantly through other parts of your life.

We all have our own formulas for what can make us feel truly fulfilled. I found the key to my happiness was far above where I found myself settling. I was never happy "working for the weekend," and I now refuse to accept anything less than magnificent for each precious day I am given.

If you crave an absolutely brilliant life, then you cannot let fear alone decide your future. For better or for worse a stunning experience could be waiting to excite you and change you in unimaginable ways.

There's that word change that can make us all cringe. When I feel afraid of the unknown ahead, I break down my beliefs into simple words or mantras.  These keep me bravely lunging for my dreams instead of crippled by what-ifs. If you find yourself unsure of what path to take next, I encourage you to do the same.

"When something goes wrong in your life, just yell 'Plot twist!' and move on!

I also remember these words when I am feeling overwhelmed by the path of adventure and uncertainty. If you desire more from life, remember the being you are in your very core, and listen to what this beautiful being has to say. Meditate, practice yoga, relax by the lakeside, do whatever calms your soul and grants you the space to find what you really believe in. These are the beliefs that grant me peace as I reach for the mysterious future. Namaste to you and all my fellow dreamers <3


I believe in staying true to my beliefs, regardless of the unknown and unpromised future.

I believe in the immense beauty of all possibilities, and I believe anything is possible if you want it badly enough.

I believe we need the "bad" experiences just as much as the good ones to bloom into our full potential.

I believe we never stop learning and growing.

I believe dreading eight hours of every day is more terrifying than any what-if before me.

I believe we all have a pure inner being beyond our flaws and emotions; an unbiased wisdom that will guide us to our most rewarding paths.

I believe we should each live our lives based on our own purpose. Even if you think we are here as just another one of nature's accidents, be the most beautiful accident you can be.

I believe we accept the love we think we deserve, even the love for ourselves.  I believe we all deserve to be loved.

I believe a good cup of coffee with a genuine friend can give us all the external support we need. I'm always down for coffee if you need a friend :)

I believe it is never too late to veer off and embark on an adventurous path.

I believe each human being is too remarkable to live their whole life unhappy over money.  Focusing on deeper relationships and experiences has made me more feel more free than any amount of money or material possessions. Getting rid of the need for "stuff" has seriously reduced my need for money, and I have never felt so fortunate.

I believe if you aren't happy, then it isn't worth it. Period. If you are putting something else first, ask yourself if that thing is more important than your inner peace.


As you embark on your next path, remember this...

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear." (Ambrose Redmoon)

  P.S. I believe in you.