"Big Hearts, Little Lessons"

Big Hearts, Little Lessons

I miss when things could be SiLlY.
I miss baseball games with surprise sparklers
and I miss the time when that overshadowed
the dark and the heavy.
When we are young
we don't think twice about the bad things
because thinking about the bad things doesn't feel good...
and that's all we know...
And then onto the next flower, or insect,
or furry animal we have yet to figure out.
Children are resilient, not because they
do not feel pain,
but they hold onto the moments that allow them to GROW,
giggle, and
cherish each tiny detail.
Then they are rushed to keep up with
and their smartphones
and their deadlines
and everything else that hurries away their curiosity.
I see far fewer smiling adults
than I do joyous children,
especially with dirt all over their faces.
I want to REACH
for the young, carefree spirit inside myself,
and know from the glowing irises of each beautiful child
with their inquisitive minds,
unconditionally loving hearts,
and wisdom beyond their years,
that HAPPY is the only way to be.